Objectives, safety and growth

How setting SMART objectives creates safety and supports employee growth.

Expectations versus Objectives


Ok, so we’ll get a ….

It’s smart to be SMART

  1. Take a communication training.
  2. Speak up in front of a group once every two weeks.
  3. Ask for and document feedback every time.
  4. Evaluate the feedback with their manager monthly and together decide on further actions.
Set, do, evaluate, learn.

The sweet spot

The sweet spot for Objectives.
A healthy set of 5 objectives.

Time for a change

Time for a new job?

Objectives for Agile team members

  1. [Team] Improve KPI Y by more than 2% by the end of H2.
  2. [Team] Deliver the integration of X to production by the end of Q1.
  3. [Individual] Lead the discovery and solution design for project Z and deliver a solution design document by the end of H1.
  4. [Individual] During H1 contribute to the department growth by onboarding one new developer into the team and doing two interviews per week.


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